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While Dr. Shelton never did consistently name or list The 10 Energy Enhancers and while T.C. Fry named and numbered an unwieldy 22, I have provided just 10 that encompass all healthy living habits. These 10 lifesavers are listed in the order of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: survival needs first, aesthetic and social needs last. Since we speak of "The 10 Energy Enhancers" as synonymous with "Natural Hygiene" so many times throughout our live food factor adventure, I present them now for your ease of understanding not only Natural Hygiene, but of appreciating how live foods factor in with 9 other factors for the health of your body, mind, spirit, and planet.
THE 10 ENERGY ENHANCERS were also called "the basic requisites of life" or "the primordial requisites of life" by The Pioneers of Natural Hygiene. Practicing them consistently and strictly causes the body to adapt by building health:
  • Cleanliness -- inside & out
  • Pure Air
  • Pure Water
  • Adequate Rest & Sleep
  • The Ideal Diet of non-toxic, properly combined, raw fruits & vegetables, nuts, seeds & sprouts, organic whenever possible
  • Right Temperatures
  • Adequate Sunlight
  • Regular Exercise
  • Emotional Balance which includes freedom from addiction, high self-esteem, a purposeful life & meaningful goals
  • Nurturing Relationships.
The mental and emotional factors (Energy Enhancers #9 and #10) are covered in several places throughout our Live Food Factor book. And for more in-depth reading on the science behind the mind/body connection, order my GetWell*StayWell Affirmations for Americans! It is the best resource for beginners and provides 500 affirmations in print and on 4 compact discs that reaffirm the importance of The 10 Energy Enhancers and all of Natural Hygiene in a fun and powerful way!
THE 10 ENERGY ROBBERS are also called "the remote causes of disease" or "the secondary sources of disease" by The Pioneers of Natural Hygiene. Practicing them consistently and almost exclusively causes the body to adapt by building disease.
  • Uncleanliness -- inside & out
  • Impure Air
  • Impure Water
  • Inadequate Rest & Sleep
  • The Standard American Diet of processed (cooked), refined, chemicalized meat, dairy, fruits & vegetables (mostly cooked) & grains & junk food
  • Wrong Temperatures
  • Inadequate Sunlight
  • Lack of Regular Exercise
  • Emotional Unbalance which includes addictions, low self-esteem, a purposeless life & meaningless goals
  • Toxic Relationships.

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