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For thousands of years, the power of the body to make good use of a period of time set aside for fasting has been known. And now, the power of the body to make good use of the 100% live food diet in revitalizing, detoxifying, balancing body chemistry, and healing is becoming known. The body must conserve its Nerve Energy, generate more Nerve Energy (by resting, sleeping, and very still activities like meditating), and minimize both the incoming toxins and bodily-created toxins in order to have sufficient Nerve Energy to cleanse fluids and tissues and initiate excretion of poisons and self-healing. And since for most people, cooked food is the main source of "incoming toxins" that stresses their bodies (See Chapter 6.), this practice must be stopped if one intends to detoxify, get well, and stay well.
"LIVE FOOD - IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGY!" That's our motto. By eating live fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and sprouts, the Health Seeker first conserves Nerve Energy which is, thus, freed up to be used by the body, mind, and spirit to create health and happiness. (What a blessing! Who could ask for anything more?) Following are 7 wonderfully conserving and freeing reasons I always use to show Health Seekers how to get high energy and high joy, naturally! FUN! CONSUMING LIVE FOODS CONSERVES NERVE ENERGY!
  • Energy is conserved because the body is not required to expend energy manufacturing digestive enzymes to process live foods (See Chapter 6.), as naturally occurring enzymes are present and alive in abundance in raw foods.
  • Energy is conserved because the body is not required to continually detoxify fluids and tissues of Exogenous Toxins created when heated, refined, chemicalized foods are eaten: the Exogenous Toxins are not present in correctly chosen, live foods!
  • Energy is conserved because the body is no longer creating nor being required to eliminate toxic by-products (Endogenous Toxins) of cooked food metabolism.
  • Energy is conserved because the body moves fiber-rich, peristalsis-stimulating, live foods through its digestive tract with a high-energy/high-efficiency quotient compared to what it takes to move cooked, fiber-deficient foods.
  • Energy is conserved because live foods are nutrient-rich and thus provide the body with both the best, digestible, assimilable building blocks and supplies needed for energy-efficient, metabolic activities. (See Chapter 7.)
  • Natural Hygiene teaches Health Seekers to eat foods in digestive-friendly, biochemical compatibility. If the Health Seeker will eat live foods in proper combination, energy is conserved because the body does not have to detox from any Endogenous Toxins that are poisonous by-products of poorly combined foods.
  • Energy is conserved when live, non-toxic foods are eaten in modest amounts and strictly according to genuine hunger: the digestive task set before the body is easy and efficient on energy demands. In energy-draining comparison, supermarket shelf foods, especially condimented, spiced, sugared, salted, high-fat and high-starch foods are addicting. Their consumption leads to overeating for most people. The big energy task set before the body is doubled on SAD foods: the foods are energy demanding to digest, and huge amounts typically eaten by most are hugely demanding to metabolize.
By eating raw, more energy is conserved and freed up, for cleansing and healing, for rising to your calling and living out your dreams! For giving and receiving love. For making the world... A Better Place! RAW FOODS = RAW ENERGY! SO SIMPLE! FUN!