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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food."
Hippocrates, Founder of So-called "Modern Medicine" 400 B.C.--
Eventually, a person may become disillusioned enough and sick enough and desperate enough with the medical model to try an entirely different kind of "medicine": LIVE FOODS. After a few weeks of eating a near all-raw or 100% raw food diet, the person is sold: Nature does prove to be the best "medicine." Hippocrates was right. Food can be "thy medicine." And medicine can be "thy food." And yet, it all seems so strangely surreal, so fantastic, like Alice in Wonderland: everything is through the looking glass or even upside down or both. Suddenly, the real pharmacopoeia becomes the "farmacopoeia"! Attributed to Meryl Streep is the statement: "It is bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician."
Cooking food destroys life-promoting properties. Fire had its place back in the Neanderthal day: to cook beasts for survival food, to heat caves, to ward off predators. But when applied to the foods we eat today? Cooking (fire) is seductive, exuding warmth, engendering a "Nothing better than mom's home-cooking feeling." Cooking (fire) jogs our memories of love and happiness while the heated foods release aromas delicious. But let us not be fooled: fire kills live fruit and vegetable matter. Victoria's silly poem says it all: "Plant an unfired seed in the ground, and watch it sprout... watch it grow. Plant a roasted seed, and watch it not... watch it rot. Only disease will a heated seed sow."
Unheated food is "true medicine." The body heals itself, cures itself of disease, when properly cared for, properly nourished, and keeps a toxins-in/toxins-out balance. The body needs the proper, raw materials for its best building blocks, to be found exclusively in natural, sun-ripened fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. Raw foods are alive! Cooked, denatured, chemical-ridden foods are dead! Look at a juicy, organic apple. If you eat it, its life force will be used by your body as superlative nutrition at the cellular level! Raw food is full of nutrition which the body needs and uses for rejuvenation and vigorous living: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients galore, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, biophotons, fiber, and so much more! None of this is so with the cooked apple. Instead, the cooked apple's toxic by-products will add to your burden! If you want more out of life and to live in pleasure and happiness, eat live foods. If you want less out of life and to die in pain and misery, eat dead foods.
Dr. Herbert M. Shelton paints a colorful picture for us and the results of this "Health by Healthful Living!" Paradigm shift in his most upbeat of all 80+ volumes authored Health for the Millions: "When one adopts Natural Hygiene, one lives in a new world. The transition from the old world to the new is immediate. All Nature becomes more beautiful and glorious! Duties which were irksome become easy to perform. We breathe purer atmosphere. New purposes animate us. New strength, energy, and power to perform are infused into us. The change in our character is equally as great! We see in every tree and shrub and in every blade of grass a beauty of which we had not before been conscious! Our whole life is permeated by a new spirit of love and good will! We develop a gentleness and kindness that are new to us. A fresh zeal enters into our relations with those around us. Strength is given us to perform whatever we choose, with cheerfulness and delight. Troubles, anxieties, cares are dissipated; for we know that our welfare is secure and on a firm basis."
The proof is in the raw pudding. Let live foods be "thy medicine." And let medicine be "thy foods." Chances are, no matter how healthy and happy you are now, you will be amazed at how much more health and happiness are to be discovered and plucked and savored along your raw life adventure and enjoyed to the Hygiene hilt!
Are you ready to switch horses in the middle of your life-stream?
You do not need to get off. And don't worry.
You won't fall off. You do not need to get all wet, either.
You just stand in 1 stirrup and then swing yourself over to the other cozied-up horse!
Then, you keep riding wherever The Superlative Alternative takes you. There, you will find... "The Loveliest, Liveliest Trails in The Wilderness!