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The power of the disease is also the power of life."
Dr. Shelton

You can know the TRUTH
about health and wellness
through TC Fry's
ORIGINAL "Life Science" Course!

This is the original 106-lesson course written and compiled by legendary Natural Hygienist T.C. Fry with contributing works by Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. Ralph Cinque, Marty Fry, Dr. Vivian Vetrano, Mike Benton and many other great hygiene writers.
It is intended to prepare someone for a professional career as a hygienic health consultant but has also been used by thousands of regular, health-seeking people to re-educate themselves on the truth about health and disease.

Part of TC Fry's genius was in realizing what a difference it could make in peoples' lives to have this information. His talent for imparting his incredibly vast knowledge was matched only by his generosity and tirelessness in sharing it. This course is unique and special.

  • It is 2,500 pages long and is extremely comprehensive and detailed.

  • It contains the secrets of health that are eagerly sought and desperately needed by almost everyone in our culture, except those who have already discovered them.
  • It is guaranteed to reveal astonishing insights that you will recognize innately as truth.
If you are serious about understanding the principles of real health, put this course in binders in the room in your home where you do all of your reading. Use it as your own personal health reference library to answer all your questions and bring you to a new level of understanding and confidence as you continue on your path to health.
The course originally sold for over $1,000 and included a certification for practicing the artful science of Natural Hygiene consulting. This version is identical to the original and includes other publications which accompany this phenomenal source of information.
Yes, this course is yet more than 30 years old, and you can see it and read it - but its information is for all times !