made to trust nature

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All truth goes through three stages:
The truth will first be ridiculed,
then violently opposed,
and finally accepted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

Our motto:
"trust the body" it is so wonderfully made !

Our philosophy:
By following the simple rules of the so called LAWS OF LIFE we can achieve lasting health & optimal energy.

Our goal is to teach, discuss & improve the best healing methods available. If they are low-cost or free, so much better.

We teach that drugs are unnecessary and will usually delay healing and cause new diseases.

We present excellent no-drugs methods for health recovery, tested and perfected by doctors for over 175 years.

We want to promote health independence and critical thinking.

  • NATURAL HYGIENE holds that health is the normal state of all living organisms and that health is maintained through natural, self-initiating, self-healing processes!
  • NATURAL HYGIENE holds that the one cause of all disease is the toxic saturation at the cellular level of the bodily tissues, blood stream, and fluids brought on by the depletion of Nerve Energy - This one cause of all disease is alternately termed "toxemia" or "auto-intoxication" or "toxicosis."
  • NATURAL HYGIENE views disease as orderly, backward degenerations at the cellular level and fluid levels as a result of Toxemia. In order to prevent these retrograde changes and to forestall degenerative changes in the actual structure and consequent function of cells, tissues, organs, and systems for as long as possible, the body isolates and/or eliminates abnormal accumulations of metabolic waste and ingested poisons. Such bodily-conducted actions of elimination (also called "excretion") may be called "disease" (acute); but they actually serve to prevent further, degenerative, long-term, and irreversible changes (chronic).
  • Because Toxemia is "The One Cause of All Disease," NATURAL HYGIENE refutes the concept that microorganisms - also called "germs" or "viruses" - are the sole, causative factors of disease.
  • Because only the body is capable of instituting eliminating, cleansing, healing, renewing processes, NATURAL HYGIENE rejects the ingestion of any substances which the body cannot metabolize and assimilate and which cannot be used in the normal, metabolic processes for appropriation into bodily tissues and fluids. Such unnatural substances can only further poison and then further enervate the body and are not to be considered as "food" or "nutrition," in any way. Both medication and "quasi-food" substances typical of the refined, chemicalized, processed Standard American Diet (SAD) are included in this poisoning category and are not only health-threatening, but also life-threatening.
  • NATURAL HYGIENE recommends the following as "The Ideal Diet" and, therefore, as the only foods fit for the highest level of human health and well-being: whole, raw and dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and sprouts prepared in proper combination and eaten in moderation and when one is in a state of Emotional Balance. Non-toxic supplements are recommended to offset our depleted soils situation.
  • NATURAL HYGIENE advocates fasting on water-only for some Health Seekers. Fasting provides physical, physiological, sensory, mental, and emotional rest. This deep and almost total rest provides the body with the ideal conditions that are necessary for the regeneration of Nerve Energy and that are mandatory for the elimination of toxins, cellular repairs, and fullest restoration of health possible.
  • NATURAL HYGIENE maintains that health is the personal responsibility of each individual and that God-given health, happiness, and Hygiene Joy are achieved only by the most conscientious and daily application of The 10 Energy Enhancers!