made to trust nature

We use 2 common mainstream words over and over again and synonymously: in Webster's Dictionary, "disease" means "sickness," while "pathology" means "the study of disease." The adjective "pathological" means "diseased." But specifically, in Natural Hygiene, the abstract noun "disease" refers to toxin accumulation in the body ultimately leading to a downward spiral of pathological symptoms, usually with much pain, and an unnatural, untimely death. The only cure of disease in the "Health by Healthful Living!" model is a natural cure. It is based on providing the energy-enhancing conditions for health and removing the energy-draining leaks of disease. Only then can the body get its Nerve Energy supplies up and go through its own self-initiated, self-cleansing, and self-repairing processes. Only then can the body raise its molecular vibration and cellular integrity higher into health. In some cases of pathology, some Health Seekers may choose to undertake, for a relatively short period of days or weeks, a properly supervised or assisted fast on water-only or a fresh, raw juice diet. (For a crash course on The Natural Hygiene Fast and/or detoxing while on raw foods, refer to Chapters 14 and 15, the bulk of the most crucial teachings in both of which I wrote and Dr. Vetrano edited.) Specific terminology and definitions are used by Natural Hygiene health educators and must be grasped by Natural Hygiene Health Seekers if they are to move upward into health. These are neither Webster's Dictionary nor medical school textbook terms and definitions. Being totally natural when compared to conventional medical thinking, the "Health by Healthful Living!" paradigm is indeed through the looking glass and appears so many times backwards and upside down, or at least, very odd. And rightly so: the 2 models are opposite in many ways! A new vocabulary is therefore needed for these new concepts. To understand Natural Hygiene and profit from its health care system, Dear Health Seekers, please become familiar with the following terms and their specific definitions. What follows, therefore, is a deprogramming from the conventional medical paradigm to the unconventional Natural Hygiene alternative. Get ready to get turned upside down and maybe even inside out!