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Have you ever wondered what benefit could give you

Let's say you feel tired & lousy, you are coughing and have a runny nose, fever, perhaps a headache.
What is this?
You may conclude that you have a cold coming on.
A cold (the common cold) is an acute disease.

This is what you do in Natural Hygiene -- you begin to try to SAVE ENERGY.
  • First, you decide to save muscle energy - how? Just stop using most of your muscles - by staying in bed.
  • You decide to save some of the energy your brain uses - how? Just try to sleep, or try to meditate. Stop thinking as much as possible.
  • You decide to save some eye-energy - how? Just close your eyes, do not read - instead listen to the radio, or audio tapes perhaps.
  • You decide to save digestive energy - so you eat next to nothing. You do not start taking drugs. You may have a glass of water, a cup of tea, perhaps a glass of vegetable juice. If you have no appetite, better not eat at all.
All saved energy will automatically go to healing.

Next - become an OBSERVER. Observe your body - what is happening?
  • Do you feel a headache start, above the right eye perhaps. How long does it last?
  • When it stops, is there another little ache starting somewhere - above the left eye perhaps?
  • When it stops, is there another ache starting any place - behind the right ear perhaps? Or ...
  • When it stops, is another ache starting --- or do you hear something (rumblings in the stomach)? Or does your nose get more runny for an hour or so? Do you have a funny taste in your mouth for a little while perhaps? Does your skin start breaking out? Or is your fever increasing, for a while?
  • You are observing your body cleaning out and healing itself. You are observing the HEALING SYMPTOMS. Just be patient. The more passive you are, the calmer you are - the more efficient the healing will be.
Have fun! Be amazed at how smart your body is!

Trust your body! Your body is more skilled than the best surgeon, smarter than the best doctor.
Soon most of the toxins will be eliminated - and then the cold STOPS AUTOMATICALLY.

All sickness is an indication of a to high toxin level.
A common cold is one example of how your body cleanses and lowers the toxin-level.
Don’t mis interpret a common cold - it isa for your good.
Don’t make the mistake to suppress it in thinking it is an enemy.

The concept of toxemia was developed in the early 20th century by John H. Tilden, M.D.
    1. STRESS: He stated that
stress from daily habits or from the environment will excessively strain the body.
    2. STRAIN: This
strain will affect both the mind and body and lead to overall exhaustion which Tilden called enervation.
    3. ENERVATION: When
enervation develops, the body becomes too weak to efficiently eliminate toxins of any type through the liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys, or skin.

Inefficient elimination leads to retention of toxins.
    4. TOXEMIA: When there is an excessive accumulation of normal or abnormal chemicals, the condition is called

    5. ELIMINATION: A continual rise in toxin levels will inevitably exceed the body's level of tolerance. When
the point of intolerance is reached, the body will attempt to eliminate the toxins.

Symptoms of such elimination include

  • sneezing,
  • coughing,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • skin secretions, and
  • dark urine

These symptoms are evidence of a health-building process.
They should be welcomed as
signs of vigorous healing.

If the body has been overwhelmed for too many years with toxins, it may not have the strength to do an effective job of cleansing and elimination. When toxins are present for a long time,
chronic illnesses will develop.