made to trust nature

The Greatest Adventure
the film from Jack Dunn Trop
back to 1950 !


Victoria BidWell :
I heard that Jack Dunn Trop who, back in the mid-1950s, had made a 1-of-a-kind, memorable, inspirational, useful, entertaining movie with this very title! I had never seen it, had never even heard of someone who had one. I truly do feel like your Natural Hygiene Archeologist at times like this! I WAS SO EXCITED! I completely ignored HighJoy waiting for his usual carrot handout as I hurried into my frontierwoman bedroom. I climbed up onto the bunkbed, fell into the pillows, and popped the VHS in, and -- YES! Within moments, I knew that I had discovered the long-lost artifact! I went about the next few hours of daylight doing my work, totally distracted and anxious to end my night with
LIFE'S GREATEST ADVENTURE! And then, to write this letter to you all!

Although I never met Jack Dunn Trop, I never met Dr. Shelton, either. And still, I am touched and honored to carry this movie's message to the masses and thereby fulfill this Jack's clearly stated dream:

"Television is the most powerful medium for reaching the mind of man [and woman]. What a blessing it would be if more people could see the facts we have presented to Rose and Sheldon in this documentary!"
Jack Dunn Trop

THE GREATEST ADVENTURE! is dedicated to these pioneering men: Dr. Russel Thacker Trall, M.D., Dr. Issac Jennings, M.D., Sylvester Graham, D.D. And "Grateful Acknowledgment" is made to the American Natural Hygiene Society and the Temperance Society for their co-operation to use certain scenes. Unlike all the 15 informational documentary recent releases to come in this mailing, THE GREATEST ADVENTURE! is made by a disciplined Natural Hygienist with many years of experience and is, therefore, Hygienically correct in all aspects. If you were to get just 1 info documentary this year, I would wish you to have... THE GREATEST ADVENTURE!
no date is given, the newest car I spied was a '54 Buick. Now, the movie has a light tint on the reddish, pinkish, yellowish, orange-ish side of the spectrum, probably had this tint the day it was made. To me? It only adds to its charm. You will see 1950s' cars, clothes, furniture, billboards -- the works! You will see the opening info exposing what we now call "The Standard American Diet" and the deplorable statistics on sick Americans and the ruination going on of natural beauty and the exploitation of our natural resources. It is still going on 58 years later, ONLY NOW? THINGS ARE MUCH WORSE! Although the movie is 1950s-dated, its message is all the more true and the power with which its message is conveyed is all the more hopeful today than the day the film came out!
You can tell that Jack Dunn Trop put a lot of thought into making this a most unique movie: it tells a true story of a sick and tired married couple while backing up their human interest story with 33 others and presenting a full-spectrum view of Natural Hygiene as the best way to get well and stay well known to humankind! THIS IS GOOD WORK! WELL-DONE! Jack done tramped through all 10 Energy Enhancers with 1 story of 1 couple and has backed up their success story with 33 others!  Biblical allusions are made. You will see a few seconds of Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. William Esser, Dr. Gian-Cursio, and Hereward Carrington! You will be taken back and forth across America to the actual homes, ranches, offices, playgrounds, and gardens of these 34 single persons or married couples.  Except for the early scenes depicting the hideousness of civilization-gone-wrong, you will continually see the back-to-nature theme flow throughout the movie with animals, orchards, mountains, rivers, woodsy trails, and ocean shores. Uplifting background melodies flows through the Natural Hygiene settings and danger music through the maelstrom of SAD food and pollution shots. No one is interviewed: but the narrator keeps the movie moving with... KABOOM! KABOOM! KU-KU-KACHEW! clips of 34 Health Seekers satisfied! The 34 individuals or couples are complemented by close-ups of their 1 to 7 children.
In fact, dozens of smiling, energetic, rosy-cheeked children -- just glowing with health  -- are captured on camera for posterity that it is safe to say: "HERE IS A MOVIE FOR ALL WHO LOVE CHILDREN AND FOR ALL WANT TO SEE ALL CHILDREN GROW UP TO MEET THEIR HIGHEST HEALTH POTENTIALS!" Jack must have also loved horses for their noble spirit and sleek beauty, since he filmed a goodly number of children at play with horses! Suffice it to say: "The format Jack done trampled out before us packs a lot of info and a lot of stories and a lot of children and a lot of back-to-nature into this one-of-a-kind Natural Hygiene documentary!"
NOW FOR THE TRUE-STORY PLOT! You could have started with any of the people you all know who are so tired and getting sick on The Standard American Program (SAP) -- you know, the people you talk to me about or write to me about who are SAD-SAPping themselves to death and who just won't listen to all your talk about live-foods? Well, that was Rose and Sheldon! Rose and Sheldon are in their mid-30s. Sheldon is sick with severe colitis and psoriasis that "itches like the devil!" He has failing eyesight, falling out hair, and rotting out teeth. He is 60 pounds overweight, he is always tired, and he wakes up in the morning to a taste in his mouth "like the wrath of God!" Sound familiar? He and Rose are sad. They cannot conceive. They spend hobby time lavishing attention on a parakeet named "Pluto" and the fish in the aquarium, all the while yearning for a child to call their own.
Than along comes Jack, done tromping onto the scene! OUR HERO! He introduces Rose and Sheldon to us and shows off their SAD lifestyle in detail -- especially at their breakfast and dining table. You all know how these people eat! It is horrendous! They are the poster adults for all our loved ones who turn deaf ears to our live-food encouragements
Sheldon and Rose are both busy building the diseases they have and will be getting if they do not change their unnatural ways. Next, over a period of a year, Jack teaches them all about Natural Hygiene. AND -- YOU GUESSED IT! Sheldon slims down and gets well! The movie ends happily ever after -- with Sheldon virile and vigorous and Rose filling out a maternity smock in all her glory, strolling amid orchard blossoms! Throughout the movie, we meet 3 other couples who endured sterility until they, too, turned to Natural Hygiene. All conceived successfully and show off their healthy children!
It must be emphasized that none of this goodness happened to Sheldon and Rose without effort. And here is the power in this movie to move mountains! Sheldon had not read a book since high school. He is shown early in the game building a bookcase and putting a very few books on it. By the end of the movie, the bookcase of 3 long shelves is full -- of the old titles with the fancy bindings I know so well from digging through The Dr. Vetrano Library gifted to me in 2009! CHANGE IS GOING TO REQUIRE SELF-EDUCATION! Because the storyline is so good, I urge you all to get this movie made for Health Seekers on order for when it is ready in May. Maybe the movie, shown to your SAD-SAPping Friends, will get through when you could not! I end with just one of the many thought-provoking quotes :

parent animals of every species have no doubts about what food is right for their own offspring. It is The Great Paradox of Civilized Humanity & Tragedy that...
The only ones in doubt about their place in nature and how to care best for their young are 20th century man and woman! We must get back-to-nature and to our natural needs for a healthy life!

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Dr. William Esser (I), Dr. Virginia Vetrano, and Jack Dunn Trop .