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Help yourself and your planet
by quitting drinking coffee !

Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil.
Some claim that coffee has health benefits while others claim that it is an addictive substance that taxes the body’s adrenal glands, depositing adrenalin (a poison) daily into our bodies, stressing out our digestive tracts at the same time. But be sure that coffee is not essential to our lives and thus it is one commodity worth considering giving up entirely in order to benefit the planet and our pocketbooks in a time of economic and ecologic peril.
The Coffee bean is a comfort commodity which requires the removal of established natural areas, as well as intensive energy requirements to plant, harvest, and transport it to seasonally addicted consumers, like most people.
Some seem to quit coffee about four times a year. Everybody can save about €50 a month when not drinking coffee. And since it is not a bean that could grow in your own backyard, you are also saving the resources needed to deliver your fix thousands of miles from a farm in South America to your adrenal glands.
Please note that it takes about two weeks to get coffee out of your system. The two weeks worth of headaches and slow brain functioning gives way to a more consistent energy flow and more vivid nightly dreams. Yes, coffee suppresses dreams. Say no to the bean !